Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Village of Middleburgh Meeting Schedule

Village of Middleburgh Meeting Schedule
Normally First Monday Each Month

May 6
June 3 (Combined with Town)
July 1
August 5
September 9
October 7
November 4
December 2
January 6
February 3
March 3
March 10 (Budget Workshop)
March 17 (Budget Workshop)
April 7th (1st meeting 2014-2015)


  1. It would be helpful to post this schedule on the official Schoharie County web page with all of the other villages and towns. This blog appears to have a very limited audience.

    It would also be helpful to report the actual "meeting minutes" once they are approved to the official County web site at http://www.schohariecounty-ny.gov/ like most of the other villages and towns for those of us who are unable to attend the actual board meetings.

    The resource is there, that’s what it is for, why not use it?

  2. One question that a lot of people are asking is why Article 19 of NYS Law was not followed on the dissolution procedure. When the petition was handed in earlier this year it was clear that the village had to go along with STATE LAW regarding dissolution. Instead it held the vote too early and refuses to give out good information other than its "budget" figures. Why would anyone want to look at the budget if there is a solid way for the numbers to be looked at online in fact I know that at least one former mayor tried to make sure that it would happen while he was getting the village more than one MILLION dollars in grants. A lot of people may have questioned that individual during this dissolution debate but it is important to keep personal feelings out of it and look at how dissolution/consolidation is a good thing for Middleburgh and Cobleskill. Kudos to the current board for holding the informative meeting January 29th and to the Middleburgh VOLUNTEER Fire Department for letting us know that they are not going anywhere and will continue to serve this community forever like heroes. However, back to what one of the former mayors did to help Middleburgh. We have to remember that Article 19 was not followed. If the LAW was followed dissolution would have definitely passed and saved the average taxpayer a lot of money. How's the justice department working out for you? The village and town consolidated a lot between 2000 and 2004 and a lot of money was saved. As the Department of Public Works and Justice Department came closer together local cooperation reached an apex. Is the current village board saying that they don't want to save money? I don't know but I do know that there are some people that actually are trying to save money and not give people parking tickets for no reason even though they are parking near their property. We need to consider all of these as we look toward the FUTURE of Middleburgh and not reflect on who did what or why. We need to work TOGETHER towards a common goal, which the current village board refuses to do. What's the secret?

  3. I was neither for or against dissolution of the Village as there was not enough information available at the time to make an informative decision. In fact I felt, as many others, there was more misinformation being distributed than factual.
    What I am for is the availability of an easier way to access information such as the actual Village monthly meeting minutes, budget workshops minutes and/or actual budget, etc…both past and present to the follow the numbers from both past and present boards for accountability purposes. This would also provide an invaluable resource in aiding one’s ability to make an informative decision/comment in regards to many of the projects and/or topics discussed on this page. You ask for our input and summarize the scenario, but some would like to have the ability to see more detailed info to grasp the whole picture, pros, cons, costs, alternatives and the entire village board’s thought process.
    It was previously suggested that you provide a more uniform and easier way for everyone to access this public information by having the Village report the monthly meeting minutes and associated documents in one centralized location on the county government website where all of the other villages and towns in our county do. The resource is there, that’s what it is for, why not use it?
    Right now it appears the only way to get this information is to either attend every meeting, stop at the village offices or by calling and emailing you for copies. Given the reality of busy schedules, the Village should offer an alternative to meeting attendance and/or having to personally request the information when the situation arises. I’m sure it would helpful for many people. You do a great job providing an overview but it would be nice to read and review the actual meeting minutes to follow the decision making process that takes place with all of the board members that are in attendance.
    Mr. Mayor, you stated that you agree and previously responded “All in good time”, but do you actual have a specific time frame for when this process will take place? Will you be reporting the May 6, 2013 Village Board Meeting minutes when approved or at least last months to the Schoharie County government website sometime this month?

  4. When on the Middleburgh NY facebook page it was suggested the Village of Middleburgh report the actual monthly meeting minutes, budget workshops minutes and/or actual budget, etc… on the Schoharie County Government website (schohariecountyny.gov). You advised that the idea was great and you wanted to get the ball rolling and advised that you would be in the office at 3pm Tuesday, May 14, 2013. You gave an open invitation for someone to come by to help get some stuff ready to post.
    A gentleman offered his services as he was looking for the same ease of access to Village public documents.
    You responded pretty negatively to his offer of help and posted that “if we needed someone to publicize anything, I wouldn't call you. I don't need someone who told already panicked people that the water was contaminated after the flood, told people that the Village was "banning campfires" or promise to quit the Fire Dept if I got elected then backed off quietly to do any semblance of responsibility. Thanks, though!” I am unsure why you would respond in this manner but seemed very inappropriate for someone elected to serve the people of the Village as Mayor.
    It is very difficult for people to participate on the Middleburgh NY facebook open group page due to the fact that if someone disagrees with you; you remove them from the group further restricting their access to public information. If you are going to have a “public” facebook page for the village all people should be allowed to participate whether you agree or disagree with their opinions. The lack of access to public information is very disconcerting to many. It would also be the right thing to do by re-inviting all of those that you have banned from the Middleburgh NY public facebook group so that all have a voice.

  5. Personally I am concerned with what is happening in Middleburgh. When I want to ask for PUBLIC DOCUMENTS from elected officials they keep brushing me off and HIDING EVERYTHING. Personally this is why people wanted to vote to DISSOLVE the community. Again where is the official response. Why is there no accountability for the village not following Article 19 of STATE law. Personally I am getting very tired of the same people stonewalling when I ask for answers. When someone I know built a bridge to access his garden across the creek the village tried to bully me into getting a permit. Why am I asked to get a permit when the Village taxes us too much already? When are we going to start to make these documents PUBLIC and when are we going to make sure that John Puchala is brought to task for insulting one of the speakers at the January 29th dissolution/consolidation meeting? Why can he get away with questioning motives when everyone wants to save money on their tax bills. As a TAXPAYER I want answers, too! I think that the TAXPAYERS need to stand up and ask the hard questions? When is the Creekside Development Park that one of the former mayors set up going to be completed? Why is the village wasting money repairing the pool when there are so many other projects out there? Why is Indy Jaycox hiding so many documents she had destroyed after Hurricane Irene? Way were theses not saved? This whole system is rotten to the core.

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