Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One-Way Arrow Approved for Dexter

The Village Board approved in June a proposal to add a one-way arrow to Dexter Avenue to make the traffic law more clear. The road is a one-way street and the idea of signage was brought up by local business-owner Dan Bartholemew. The Board and Mr. Bartholemew also accepted placing a one-way sign on the side of his business.

Water, Sewer Exemption for FD Rejected

The Village Board rejected a proposal to exempt the Middleburgh Fire Department from municipal water charges. The original idea was voiced by Assistant Chief John Shaw and presented to the Board by Trustee Avitabile.

The proposed exemption would have saved the Department $240.00/yr for water charges and $1175.20/yr for sewer charges. The proposal did not receive a second and did not come up for a vote.

Power Authority Relicensing Meeting Scheduled

From Supervisor Richards:
There will be a Community Meeting on Tuesday, August 2nd at 6:00 PM the Middleburgh Town Hall to discuss the NYPA Relicensing effort at Blenheim-Gilboa. This meeting will be to introduce John Hamor and to inform our Community of the status of the NYPA relicensing. Please make sure that all parties within our Community who would have an interest in this issue have representatives attend.

More Cemetery Stones Fixed

Three more damaged stones in the Middleburgh Cemetery have been fixed. The Village approved the $500 project, at a rate of less than half of previous estimates. The three stones brings to six that have been repaired in the last year.

Below is one example:

School Faces $144,000 Shortfall

The Middleburgh Central School District is facing $144,000 in cuts due to the fallthrough of a health insurance plan. The teacher's union rejected a new health plan that would have removed Bassett from the network. Several jobs may be cut to make up the shortfall.

Another Tree Donation Approved

The Village Board has approved another anonymous donation for a tree to be placed in the memorial park across from the Fire Department. This follows a tree donated two months ago and placed there.

Town Board Candidates Announced

Jim Buzon has announced a challenge for the Middleburgh Town Supervisor position. He is followed by two Democratic candidates for Board seats. Republican newcomers Frank Herodes and Susan Makeley would replace retiring Karen Toften and David Lloyd, who is running for Supervisor. Lloyd is currently on the Board while Buzon was previously a member.