Friday, April 25, 2014

Village Launches Wildflower Website

The Village of Middleburgh has launched a site highlighting its famous wildflowers and designating the community as the "wildflower capital of New York State." The site, found here, promotes the project that was created by Trustee William Morton. Visitors can donate, find out more information, and see where the plots will be this year. The site design was done for free by Mayor Avitabile and the flowers themselves should start springing up in July.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fifth Volunteer Day Helps Three Projects

The Village of Middleburgh held its fifth volunteer day since 2012. Members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity of SUNY Oneonta helped on three projects around town.

Photo credit: Sheila Donegan.

Pavilion Opens in Middleburgh

A joint effort of the Rotary and Knights of Columbus has led to a new picnic pavilion in the Timothy Murphy Park. Yesterday's event brought together 40 people for the ribbon cutting of the replacement of the pavilion destroyed in 2011.
Photo credit Sheila Donegan

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring 2014 Wildflower Fundraiser

Spring 2014 Wildflower Fundraiser

The Village of Middleburgh is pleased to announce that the wildflower project will be continued and expanded in 2014. This year we are fortunate to have assistance from Catholic Charities, which is providing volunteer manpower to help with preparation of the wildflower plots and expansion of new plots. Several homeowners have also graciously volunteered their front lawns for private participation in this project.

In addition, we are also excited to announce a new facet of our flower project involving the establishment of a rose garden. Two volunteers, Laura and Bill Milak have eagerly offered their services to oversee the development of a rose garden in the Timothy Murphy Park across the Schoharie Creek. Both are master gardeners and have been involved with the Schenectady Rose Garden for years, considered the second most prestigious rose garden in the United States.

Residents of Middleburgh are welcomed to participate. Homeowners with property along River Street and Main Street are encouraged to establish a patch of wildflowers in their front yards to create a visible expansion of the project. Lastly, all those that have a connection with Middleburgh are encouraged to donate to the project. Any money would go a long way towards the success of the wildflower project and the rose garden. Please send any checks to the Village Hall, PO Box 789, Middleburgh NY 12122.

- Trustee William B. Morton