Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Neighbors Eating Together at the Methodist Church

This Thursday at 5:30. Be there or be square. All invited.

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  1. This is off topic but Mr. Mayor is there a way to access information such as the actual Village monthly meeting minutes, budget workshops minutes and/or actual budget, etc…both past and present to the follow the numbers from both past and present boards for accountability purposes. This would provide an invaluable resource in aiding one’s ability to make an informative decision/comment in regards to many of the projects and/or topics discussed on this page. It would be nice to have the ability to see more detailed info to grasp the whole picture, pros, cons, costs, alternatives and the entire village board’s thought process.
    I would like to suggest a more uniform and easier way for everyone to access this public information by having the Village report the monthly meeting minutes and associated documents in one centralized location on the Schoharie County Government website where all of the other villages and towns in our county do. The resource is there, that’s what it is for, why not use it?
    Right now it appears the only way to get this information is to either attend every meeting, stop at the village offices or by calling and emailing you for copies. Given the reality of busy schedules, the Village should offer an alternative to meeting attendance and/or having to personally request the information when the situation arises. I’m sure it would helpful for many people. You do a great job providing an overview but it would be nice to read and review the actual meeting minutes to follow the decision making process that takes place with all of the board members that are in attendance.
    Mr. Mayor, you stated that you agree and previously responded on the Middleburgh, NY facebook page “All in good time”, but do you actual have a specific time frame for when this process will take place? I see you also requested help in doing this and a gentleman offered his services to help to get the ball rolling. Will you be reporting the May 6, 2013 Village Board Meeting minutes when approved or at least last months to the Schoharie County government website sometime this month?