Sunday, September 9, 2012

Village Completes Creekside Park

The Village of Middleburgh has just completed its Baker Avenue Creekside Park on September 6th. The new park encompasses much of the area behind the library and leading to the Little Schoharie Creek at the end of the street. The park includes the community garden, benches, a new parking lot, and access to the creek. Hopes are that this new park can be used in conjunction with any projects the Middleburgh Library may use its newly acquired plot for. The park is also visible from the historical mural completed in July. The Creekside Park was part of a grant program originally scheduled for completion by 2004.

Trustee Morton tending his plot
The Mayor with some of the bounty
The community garden is modeled after the Victory Gardens established during World War II. The garden affords an opportunity for residence of the village and town of Middleburgh to have a plot of land to grow vegetables and flowers for their own use. The plots range in size from either 20 ft. by 20 ft. or 20 ft. by 40 ft. An annual fee of $15 will be charged for the smaller plot and $25 will be charged for the larger plot. The fees are necessary in order to rent equipment for tilling the soil. The Village's community garden is situated on very fertile soil that is almost free of stones. The Village is encouraging those who are interested in having a garden plot next spring to contact Village Trustee Bill Morton at 827-4343 for further details.

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