Sunday, September 9, 2012

New Solar Panels in Village

The Village of Middleburgh has just become a little greener. Two sets of solar panels have been installed on the corner of Wells Avenue and Grove Street. The proud owner, Dr. Roy Korn, says that the panels are guaranteed for 25 years and may continue operating for 40. Just installed last month, the panels are another step towards green energy entering the Valley.

These are the second set of solar panels in the Village. Frank Monaco of Indian Acres placed his own set several years ago.


  1. I really love seeing towns becoming more proactive with installing solar panels. I see them in my town all of the time on street lights, traffic lights, ect. They inspired me to have a few panels installed on the roof of my home. I like saying I do my part to keep this world clean! I had one of the solar companies in the bay area install them and could not have been more pleased.

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