Saturday, September 7, 2013

Village Closes Out Major Grant

Last Saturday, the Village closed out a major project to repair flood damage and get our business community back on its feet. Last year the new Village Board found five underdeveloped grant programs-- four of which were on the verge of expiration. One of the largest was the NYS Main Street Grant program. The grant was slated for a 2008 completion but was hardly touched until last year. Without the rescue, we would have lost the entirety of the remaining money.

Due to our efforts we've been able to rescue almost all of the money for our businesses and the character of the Village. On the business side, we've provided about $150,000 in grants to over a dozen businesses. Most of this money was used to fix or finance flood repairs.

 On the other hand, over $22,000 was used on various streetscape projects to make our Village really bloom. Included in the uses of the Main Street Grant are some great projects:

- The wildflower projects
- The Creekside Avenue Pavilion and picnic tables
- The visitor's kiosk in Creekside Park with quilt squares
- The Deer Mural and Welcome to Middleburgh murals on Dan Ross' building
- New signs for parks, the pool, and to welcome people into Middleburgh

 Special thanks to all of the businesses that helped make this happen!

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