Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Village Acts on Flood Risk

The Village of Middleburgh's July meeting was shadowed by concern about June's flash flooding and the risk of future flooding. At the meeting, local residents voiced concern about problem areas. DPW Chief Dale Nunamann explained that his crew has been working to minimize future risk. The Village approved immediate action over the last week. Supervisor Buzon of the Town and Mayor Avitabile declared a preparatory state of emergency on Friday June 28th to enable cleaning of two of the problem streams. The Board also heard of a plan to repair the creek near the former MCS District Office. The plan was prepared by the Schoharie County Soil and Water District. The Village approved up to $50,000 for pressing flood debris removal. Deputy Mayor Dr. Thomas Gruning proposed a local law that would impose fines for dumping in the creeks within the Village. First offense would be a $1,000 fine. Subsequent violations would incur a $5,000 fine. Trustee Sheryl Adams thanked DPW Chief Dale Nunamann and his crew for outstanding work during the June 14th event. Nunamann thanked his crew and the Middleburgh Fire Department.

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  1. For over a month now I have been asking, pleading with the village to come spray Straub lane. They did part and left me with this bacteria outside my home...we have asthma . we still have Irene and lee out there too ..everyone with the village Mayor Avitable all the way up to Governor Congressman Gibsen to Mr. Lopez. Seem no one can get this supervisor to do the right thing. Mr. Lopez said maybe someone who really know the fire depart, might be able to get them to do this. I have to say I am getting to the point that I am ashamed of my village. I have give 20 years to my community being a EMT and I now need help and not one person has step up...Thank you..