Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Village Extends Main Street Grant

The Village of Middleburgh will be closing out its NYS Main Street Grant over the next five months. The project was awarded to the Village in 2005 for an expected 2008 completion. By 2012, after six extensions, almost none of the money meant to improve Middleburgh's scenery and provide money for local business improvements was expended. Last year there was a dash to get out about $150,000 in money to most businesses on Main Street to cover flood damage and beautification efforts and a further $20,000 for Village efforts such as signage and parks.

Upon the Village's request, almost $70,000 in unused funds will be forwarded to the Village to help with reimbursing flood damage. Of that money, about $2,500 will be used to complete the new pavilion on Baker Avenue, the dog park, and a new mural on Main Street. The rest will be granted to some of the local businesses that had already participated in the previous program  to help cover flood damage or other repairs. Without the Village's work, all of this money would have been lost.

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