Saturday, October 6, 2012

Middleburgh October Meeting Highlights

The Village of Middleburgh held its regular meeting on Monday, October 1st. During the meeting, the Board heard reports on various grant projects involving the Village. This included the next round of disbursements to Main Street businesses. The Village is also applying for a state grant to provide public infrastructure, including sidewalks, to encourage students to walk to school. VISTA partner Donald Osei-Owusu was present to speak about his year interning with the Village. Mr. Osei-Owusu is working with the businesses and charity groups on flood recovery and economic development. Trustee Morton suggested an expansion of the community garden. The Village set the next volunteer day on Saturday, October 6th. The Board also heard ideas from Maureen Blanchard on expanding farmer's market presence in the community while encouraging healthy living through the County. This could include grant money used for new crosswalks and involvement with the Schoharie Fresh program. 

There was a discussion with members of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church about the parking situation near the parish. Residents had complained about the parking situation along Chestnut Lane and Wells Avenue. In the last year, two accidents occurred near the parking lot on Chestnut. Fire Chief Devlin mentioned that parking during services rendered Wells Avenue essentially a one-way street and could hinder response to an emergency. Mayor Avitabile and Trustee Tinker voted to keep handicapped parking on Wells Avenue near the church. Trustees Adams, Morton, and Gruning voted to eliminate parking along Wells Avenue, citing three lots used by the Church that were not usually filled.

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