Thursday, August 9, 2012

August Village Board Meeting

August has gotten off to a great start in Middleburgh. The 300th Anniversary celebration was well attended, including guests Peter Lopez, Jim Seward, Chris Gibson, Paul Tonko, and State Historian Bob Wiebel. The Village held its meeting on Monday August 6th. The Village Board expressed interest in placing a stop sign coming down MT Path at the junction of Union Street. The Village would like to remind residents not to park in no-parking zones along Chestnut Lane and Wells Avenue and to slow for children at play. The Village Business Association also held a successful meeting in July to shape a charter. The Village is nearly done with the Creekside Park project, which was originally slated to be completed by 2004. The Board also agreed to send letters to New York State and New York City agencies pressing them to revise their flood plans, especially as pertaining to the Power Authority and Gilboa Dam. There was discussion on how to attract a grocery store, with Mayor Avitabile stating that he had reached out to various parties about it and a pharmacy.

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