Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Village Offering Website Design for Businesses

The Village of Middleburgh has offered its Commerce Association a means to help modernize with the development of low-cost websites. Through these sites, local businesses would be ranked on Google and other search engines, helping propel customers and to get information out. This would also bolster Middleburgh's exposure on the web. Sites would only cost $10 per year to host and those applying would be taught how to run them once up.

Mayor Avitabile is building the sites as part of the initiative to get Middleburgh's businesses back on their feet. Businesses and other community organizations are free to apply to the Village for website design. A small donation to the Business Association would be asked. A professionally done site could cost upwards of $1,000. Business Liasion and Trustee Adams has been very helpful in organizing the information for the businesses. Together with Manager Jamie Casterlin at NBT Bank, the Business Association will be holding a meeting to design a charter on Tuesday 24th at 7pm at the Village Hall.

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