Monday, June 25, 2012

Volunteer Day a Success

The Village of Middleburgh organized its first volunteer day since the aftermath of Irene and Lee on Saturday. About 30 volunteers worked on eight projects in and around the Village. This effort was joined by the Middleburgh Library. Led by Mayor Avitabile, Trustees Gruning and Morton, and Steve LaMont, the volunteers were able to repair various scars left from the flood. Volunteers led by Morton, Gruning, and LaMont removed debris from the Schoharie Creek near the Library, as well as gravel and dirt from other sites. The Mayor mowed lawns of flood abandoned properties and planted flowers. Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church served lunch to the volunteers and added to the sense of community. SALT helped organize some of the volunteers.

Trustee Gruning and Volunteers at the Library

"It's yet another sign that things are finally getting done." Mayor Avitabile said. The reopening ceremony of the Village pool was the same day. In addition, the wall along River Street is being repaired and should be done by August 1. LaMont lauded the initiative, "It is very admirable that people travel long distances to help others week after week. It is a perfect reminder that we do live in a great place."

The large mower was donated by Village Code Enforcement Officer Lloyd Stannard. One volunteer donated an additional wheelbarrow to the Village. The Village will consider another volunteer day for this or next year. The amount of debris in the Village has been significantly reduced in the last several months, as the Village's free dumpster program removed much of the remaining brush and damaged items. The Village is also working with the County's initiative to hire temporary workers to remove many of the remaining scars of last year's storms.

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