Monday, April 9, 2012

Taxes Steady in New Budget

The new Village Board okayed its 2012-2013 budget at the last regular Board meeting. The meeting was attended by about twenty onlookers, who watched the inaugurations of Mayor Avitabile and Trustees Adams, Morton, and Tinker.

Mayor Avitabile's budget passed 5-0. Within it, there were no tax increases and many new efficiencies. Included was a pay cut of $100 each for the four Trustees and Mayor. There was also consolidation of accounts between the general budget and sewer budget.

The Village budget faced many headwinds, including a 5% drop in property tax value from Irene. In addition, insurance rates went up about 10%, and $10,000 had to be allotted for state retirement. Despite this, the budget gave 2% raises to the employees, especially the hourly earners. There were no layoffs or benefit cuts.

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